BSG - Sound Vision LightingBSG - Sound Vision Lighting

Matthew Stutz – Arts Director – Runcorn State High School

Recently, our school held an Arts Showcase. The event involved over 400 students, all staff from the school and about 1,000 audience members.

Brisbane Sound Group (BSG) were selected to provide, install and run the sound, vision and lighting for the event. From my initial consultation with Rosh from BSG I found the company incredibly easy to deal with, honest in their opinions and very generous in terms of taking extra time to ensure that every aspect of the event was a success. This year we decided to try a few new things with the show and BSG were able to assist in designing a show that wowed the audience and gave students a unique opportunity to perform on a professional stage with current technology.

Notably, we chose to use a LED wall, star drapes and moving lights to work in combination to provide a wide range of moods and a professional look to the event. BSG were quite efficient in the bump in and out process and the sound and lighting operators for the show were very professional and adhered to the vision we had for the event. During the rehearsal, sound check and performance the entire crew were very good to work with and highly professional at all times. They met and exceeded our expectations in a number of areas. I would recommend BSG and thank Rosh and Sam for their brilliant contribution to such an important event at our school.